What Is Cannabidiol CBD? 

What Is Cannabidiol CBD? 
24 March 2021 m1gh7y-C8D
what is cbd?

Are you confused and having second thoughts about CBD oil? Well, No need to worry. Below is a complete guide towards what is CBD?

What Is Cannabidiol CBD? 

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is rapidly growing in popularity (no pun intended!). Still, it’s a highly misunderstood product. If you think you need to be lurking on corners in a hoodie to get your fix, you can relax. It is perfectly legal to use in the UK. Are you one of those who are trying to keep the upstairs happy too? If yes, you will be pleased that it is one of the herbs referenced in the Bible on the Third Day of Creation.

Churchgoing aside though (bet you weren’t expecting to read that in a CBD oil intro were you??). Once you understand the vast array of benefits this amazing product offers. You’ll realize it really is one of nature’s miracles!

What Is Cannabidiol CBD Made Up Of?

If you’ve been searching for natural remedies for common ailments at all in the last year or two. You’ll no doubt have heard of Cannabidiol.

More commonly referred to as CBD. It is a plant-based product that is found in the cannabis plant known as Cannabis Sativa. On the other hand, it is one of the chemical compounds in the plant which is known as a cannabinoid. The other names of Cannabis Sativa are referred to as Marijuana or Hemp.

There are over 100 of these compounds and if you’re wondering what a plant compound is – they’re like the control center of the plant which enables them to grow, metabolize and reproduce. Pretty important eh?

Will CBD Oil Get Me High?

There is a common misconception we’d like to clear up here and now. CBD is often confused with “getting high” which is what marijuana is often associated with. This is because Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a psychoactive cannabinoid and is the MAIN active ingredient in marijuana – THAT makes it pretty full-on in the high stakes! 

Cannabidiol can also be obtained from the hemp plant though, which only has minor amounts of THC in it. This is why hemp oil is where most of the legal CBD oils are derived from – in the UK. The level of THC allowed in CBD oil is 0.3% and Mighty CBD Oils are all created using hemp seed oil. So, they all fall within the legal limits. This ensures that the psychoactive effects so commonly associated with marijuana are not what you’d experience with CBD oil.

What Is Full-Spectrum CBD?

All of the Mighty CBD OIls are made with full-spectrum CBD. If you have been looking at CBD oils, you may have come across a few types of CBD oil. Before we explain what they are though, it helps to break down the full-spectrum oil a little further.

As a whole, the benefits of the cannabis plant come from a few different types of compounds:


We touched upon these before as there are over 100 cannabinoids in the plant, including CBD and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Depending on concentrations, these duos are the main factors behind the therapeutic and psychoactive effects of the cannabis products available.

How They Work:

Our body has an endocannabinoid system that is responsible for how our cells talk to each other. This system controls the pathways of information reaching and leaving the brain, and then how those messages are processed. As the endocannabinoid system is made up of cannabinoids. These help the function of the receptors between the body and the brain, controlling activities such as walking, sleeping, eating, memory and mood.


Flavonoids are present in many plants including fruit, veg & grains, and cannabis contains around 20 different flavonoids. Like terpenes, flavonoids have therapeutic effects. Some of those found in cannabis has been proven to be anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer as well. If you look at how they work in the body, that will make a lot more sense…

How They Work:

Flavonoids help to protect your body against everyday toxins and stressors by helping your body function more efficiently. This includes regulating cellular activity and flavonoids are antioxidants. They also help with fighting off free radicals which can cause oxidative stress on your body.

As if that’s not enough when we’re exposed to allergens, toxins, germs, or irritants. Our body triggers an allergic reaction which can cause inflammation and discomfort. Flavonoids can help to counteract these effects as they help the body disregard the inflammatory reaction.


If you’re an aromatherapy fan at all, you may be familiar with this phrase as Terpenes are the smelly part of the plant. They are the compounds that give a distinctive smell or flavor to many plants. These include those which are more aromatic like oranges or lavender.

There are over 150 terpenes in cannabis which can affect the plant’s highly distinctive fragrance. They are mainly used for their smells but have other benefits too. You may have heard of Turpentine oil taken from pine trees which are widely used as a paint solvent.

How they work

Terpenes also interact with the endocannabinoid system in the body and help cannabinoids to enter the bloodstream. The Cannabinoids are being absorbed into the body naturally anyway. But terpenes such as Myrcene, for example, can really speed up that process as they increase how permeable the cells are and increase absorption. They can also affect how the brain’s neurons work under the entourage effect which we’ll explain now…

The Entourage Effect

As we mentioned, the terpenes and cannabinoids work pretty well together. In plants, it is often the synergy of the compounds working together that holds the power. It’s extremely difficult to mirror those exact effects when using any of the compounds in isolation. 

To give a really clear idea of how all of the compounds behave in a full-spectrum oil where all of the compounds are still present, let’s look at the meaning of the word:

“Entourage – a group of people attending or surrounding an important person”

You can’t get much clearer than that can you? The way we look at it, is we like our oils to be as close to the natural product as possible. We created it naturally that way for a reason. When you start to remove any of the compounds, you’re affecting how effective that ‘team’ can be. 

THC is avoided by some people, but it is a personal choice depending on what your needs are. Some of the anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving aspects of the plant are in the THC. This is why we prefer to work with the full suite of natural magic that’s in full-spectrum oils.

What Is Broad-Spectrum CBD?

Another type of CBD oil is broad-spectrum where most of the plant compounds are still present. Like you’d have with full-spectrum CBD, but the THC has been removed. This type of product can be used if you’re looking to access the benefits of terpenes for instance. 

It’s important that you buy a good quality oil as poorly extracted broad-spectrum CBD can still contain THC. If you’re avoiding THC for drug tests etc wouldn’t go down too well. It is widely accepted that many of the benefits of CBD oil are not as accessible with broad-spectrum CBD due to the missing THC. So again, really do your research with this type of oil.

What Are CBD Isolates?

We shared with you before how there are CBD compounds in the plant which work within the body in their own way. CBD Isolates are ONLY these compounds with none of the additional THC, terpenes, or flavonoids present. Many people think CBD isolates are a good way to get started with CBD isolates. Without the worry of how THC may affect them, but we like to make it clear that they are not alike for comparison. 

Much of the power of CBD oil is in the synergy of the entourage effect – the full team. If you’re looking for some of the pain-relieving or anti-inflammatory effects. or the benefits of how CBD oil interacts with the receptors in the body and brain. you’ll get a far more diluted version with CBD isolates.

We’re not suggesting that you don’t use CBD isolates. but to do so with your eyes wide open and research CBD isolates in their own right. rather than see them as the same type of product as full-spectrum CBD. It’s like comparing how you could walk if you were only given one leg for instance. you don’t have a lot of the therapeutic benefits of full-spectrum so it’s impossible for it to do the same job.

Is CBD Oil A Drug?

No, in the UK the Food Standards Agency has categorized CBD oil as a Novel Food. In their words, “Novel foods are foods which have not been widely consumed by people in the UK or European Union (EU) before May 1997”. so basically, as an oral product, the benefits of CBD oil are being recognized. but it falls into that category as there isn’t enough history of consumption yet.

Many dietary supplements are regulated in this way too. The other foods classed as Novel Foods could include foods such as chia seeds or guar gum. If you’d like some heavy bedtime reading on the legalities of Novel Foods you can find more here (or you could try Mighty CBD oil to help you sleep – just saying…)

To be super clear – due to their higher THC levels, most cannabinoids are illegal in the UK under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. As the psychoactive effects of tetrahydrocannabinol warrant it being categorized as a controlled substance. While we’re on the subject, Cannabis Oil is NOT the same as CBD oil.  this contains far higher levels of THC and is classed as a controlled substance.

The minuscule amount of THC in CBD oils derived from hemp seed oil falls way under those limits. hence them being classed as Novel Foods.

Is CBD Oil The Same As Medical Cannabis?

Again, no. Much of the cannabis prescribed with medical advice is medical marijuana. It contains all of the compounds we mentioned before. mainly include THC which is responsible for the psychoactive effects. There are some conditions such as chronic pain which respond well to medical cannabis and can offer great relief to users. so if prescribed with medical advice they are not illegal for the patient to use.  

Some medical cannabis deliberately has a much higher concentration of THC. as this helps with conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis. so there is a vast range of concentrations and types used medicinally.

The easiest way to understand it is that medical marijuana still has all of the compounds in it. which include much higher levels of THC and CBD, whereas CBD oil only contains CBD.

Can I Grow Cannabis In The UK?

Surprisingly, this is something we’re regularly asked. It makes sense – if we’re now allowed to use CBD oils. wouldn’t this mean we’re allowed to grow our own cannabis? In short – NO. 

There are extremely strict restrictions on who is allowed to produce or sell CBD products. To do this, you’ll need permission and a license from The Home Office. as well as very clear labeling under the Food Supplements (England) Regulations 2003

On that note and to end on a natural high. if you fancy a chuckle, here’s a genuinely true story for you…

A friend of ours who was a lovely childminder was married to a chap in the CID. This is going back a while, and they lived in the city in a high-rise block where everyone had balconies. Gutted she didn’t have a garden. she grew plants and flowers in pots on her balcony. she became really fond of how colorful her little balcony was becoming.

One evening they were throwing a party, with plenty of the police there. She was showing her hubby’s colleagues around her green-fingered magic. She was quite taken aback by how impressed they were. with each of them going inside and grabbing another colleague to come out and admire her leafy display. 

They were asking her about one of the plants, and what it was. only for her to proudly tell them she had no idea what it was. but she just loved how pretty the leaves were and with so much of her TLC, it was really thriving.

Yep – you guessed it. Not only was she growing cannabis in broad daylight. but she was also proudly showing it off to most of the local police too! 


It turned out that the lady living above them had a budgie and bird food contains hemp. When she’d throw out the old seed each day over her balcony. some of it was landing in the planters on the balcony below. only to be given some real VIP treatment and boy did it thrive!

When they told her the truth. she was horrified and pulled it all up and threw it over the balcony immediately. Needless to say, it was all ‘tidied up’ by the locals VERY quickly and was all well and truly gone by the time they were returning to their cars!

We don’t recommend you try that one at home!

If you have any questions or need to know anything about CBD oil. how it could benefit your health or lifestyle. Click here to get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to help.