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What is CBD Oil?

CBD Oils are becoming extremely popular across the UK and Europe, but you might be wondering what exactly CBD oils are? CBD short for (cannabidiol) is an ingredient naturally sourced from hemp plants that are bred for nutritional purposes. The CBD is primarily extracted from hemp paste, made from the leaves and flowers of the hemp plant. The best CBD oils are always simple, think about them the same way you think about a healthy lifestyle and foods you eat, fewer ingredients the better.

There’s only really two things you should look for when buying CBD Oil.

Carrier Oil – All of our CBD products use premium MCT carrier oils. MCT is virtually tasteless and more and more people are using MCT oils as part of their daily health routines due to the health benefits that have been linked to the way the human body processes these fats. Some studies have found that MCT oils could aid in weight loss and support health cholesterol levels.

CBD Oil – Our Swiss made THC Free CBD Oil is vegan friendly and uses innovative scientific methods to produce the purest and safest cannabinoid-infused products. Our production can take full advantage of the highest pharmaceutical standards, extraction techniques and expertise that the country has to offer. In fact it’s home to two of the World’s largest pharmaceutical companies.

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How to take CBD Oil?


1. Shake Well

Make sure the lid’s on tight and give your bottle a little shake


2. Pick Three Drops

Unscrew your bottle and squeeze dropper so it fills up


3. Hold Under Tongue

Place 3 drops under your tongue and hold up to 3 minutes before swallowing

Potential Benefits of CBD Oil?

Thinking about starting CBD? Research into this area is gaining momentum and potential benefits of CBD Oils have increased in recent years. However, it’s very important to know what your looking for, and a little research goes a long way. Here are just a few potential benefits to research before taking CBD Oil.

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• Anxiety • Stress • Pain Relief • Improving Sleep • Inflammation & Muscle Pain • Arthritis • Spinal Cord Injuries • Parkinson’s Disease • Alzheimer’s Disease • Chronic Pain • Anti Acne • Seizures

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