Is CBD Oil Legal In The UK?

Is CBD Oil Legal In The UK?
31 March 2021 m1gh7y-C8D
is CBD oil Legal in the uk

Thinking about trying CBD Products? Then you probably want to ask if CBD oil legal in the UK? 

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, (and to be fair – after this last lockdown year, that would probably be a preferable place!). You might have noticed the CBD market is booming right now. It’s pretty interesting to know why. 

CBD oil is working its magic bringing balance to our emotional and physical system across the globe.

So it’s not surprising that reports are frequently saying that it helps users with depression, anxiety, pain relief, and sleep deprivation. But the biggie (or should we say mighty??) question if you’re interested in taking CBD products. Is CBD oil legal here in the UK?

Well, the suspense is all over. As of today as we are going to reveal all. Read on to find out! 

What Is Hemp Oil? 

Firstly, get yourself comfortable as you’ll need a whistle-stop tour of how this cool little family relates to each other to clear up any confusion on the legality of UK CBD Oil.

Ready? The two head honchos in this leafy gang are Hemp and his cousin Marijuana. Both part of the Cannabis plant family. 

The main two compounds in the cannabis plants are Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD). 

Now it’s worth mentioning that Cannabidiol (CBD) by itself doesn’t get you high. (sorry, Snoop Dogg fans!) and this is the main compound in Hemp.

The other property, THC, is the psychoactive substance. It has hundreds of young people flocking to Amsterdam each year. That is the main compound in Marijuana.

The amount of THC in hemp is minuscule. It is hemp that is used to make our CBD oil. You’ll also want to look at the level of CBD in the CBD oils you’re buying too. As that’s an indicator of the quality of the product you’re buying.

Is CBD Oil Legal In The UK?

So back to that question – is CBD oil legal in the UK? The short answer is yes. The longer answer is yes, totally.

For it to be legal, CBD oil must not contain more than 0.2% THC. In addition to this clear limit, it’s reassuring to know that the UK CBD Oil laws are quite strict and have to meet very specific criteria before humans can consume them. 

CBD oil (aka hemp oil) mustn’t be confused with pure cannabis oil which is classified as a controlled drug under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971.

This is why it’s important before trying CBD oil for the first time, you do your research and find a trusted supplier – like Mighty-CBD of course! 

Joking aside, reputable suppliers of CBD oil like ourselves will have lab reports conducted by independent third-party testing labs available for you to check out. This way, you can verify the legal status of it to ensure the THC levels fall under the legal threshold for CBD oil so no laws are being broken.

A good quality full-spectrum CBD oil like ours will have both THC and CBD in it whilst being fully legal.

This is more vital than ever since the CBD business has gained so much popularity and many high street stores and websites are not fully authorized. 

CBD Oil And UK Regulations

Remember us saying that CBD oil is legal in the UK, providing it follows specific guidelines?

The regulations state that CBD oil is legal as long as it’s derived from an industrial hemp strain that’s EU-approved. 

For CBD products to receive the go-ahead for human use, they must contain almost nothing in THC content. Anything above 0.2% THC classes it as illegal. 

It does get quite tricky here, as sometimes unregulated substances are imported and go against these regulations. Firstly checking the label and product description of each CBD product will reveal how much THC is inside. 

Medical cannabis is slowly making its way into acceptance too. It has had extensive research due to how it’s been proven to help provide medical benefits for conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis.

Medicinal cannabis is still illegal though so the only way to legally get your hands on this is if you’re one of the rare cases who are prescribed this via medical prescription in the UK. 

Can You Travel With CBD Oil?

A common question we are asked is whether you’re allowed to take CBD products overseas. We do recommend that you check out the laws on CBD in the destination of travel first, as they may differ from ones in the UK. 

That will determine whether the incoming country will frown upon you possessing CBD Oil. it is legal in many countries now, but do your homework just to be on the safe side.

As CBD oil is legal in the UK, it shouldn’t cause any problems if you’re hopping on a plane anywhere within the UK. 

It’s also worth checking the rules with your flight provider beforehand too as hand luggage and luggage guidelines differ depending on who you’re flying with.

To find out this information, you can generally find it on your flight’s booking website or confirmation email. The general rule of thumb for hand luggage is that liquids must not exceed 100ml—a common law across all UK flights, domestic or international. 

Why And How Is CBD Oil Used?

So why are so many people in the UK now more receptive to trying CBD?

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), CBD oil could provide relief for many conditions, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cancer, chronic pain, and mental health conditions like anxiety and depression.

People are also swearing by CBD oil to help with the excruciating symptoms of Crohn’s disease. 

Regarding how to use it, well, that’s up to you! 

There are many different ways though most of our customers can take it orally through droplets. You can also get creative by mixing it with your breakfast smoothie or adding drops of CBD-infused honey to your fruit salad! 

Simply pop a few drops into any oil-based food and apply a minimal amount of heat and you’re good to go. The possibilities are endless!

In Summary…

If you’re buying Mighty-CBD oil, you’re safe – if not – you’re on your own!

Joke! But you MUST do your research. Check out lab reports, check they’re genuine, and check the THC levels to legal compliance. You can check out or lab reports on site but if you want to know more about our CBD oil, you can check out the product details here.