CBD Oil Is For Vegans

CBD Oil Is For Vegans
30 March 2021 m1gh7y-C8D
CBD oil for vegans

Are you a vegan and wondering if CBD oil is for vegans? If ‘YES’ you will be pleases to know that it is highly recommendable for vegans especially our Might-CBD oil.  Read below to find out how.

CBD naturally comes from the Cannabis plant. A medicinal herb used for over 3000 years for its healing and calming properties. 

So it goes without saying that it’s a perfect fit for those of us living at one with nature and according to Statista, up to 1.16% of people in the UK are now vegan. CBD oil is also on the rise. The nature lovers of the vegan community are part of this increase in CBD use. Between 8 – 11% of people in the UK have now tried CBD oil. 

If you pop your maths cap on for a moment. You soon see that’s a hefty 6 million of us!  The popularity of veganism and CBD oil have a link. 

So if you’re vegan or thinking about taking on a vegan diet. You’ll be pleased to know CBD oil can support you and your new lifestyle choice.

So let’s dive in to find out more!

Why CBD Oil Is For Vegans? 

Apart from being a popular culture trend of the last 4 years. Veganism is rising due to its moral and health benefits. Just like CBD, these types of lifestyle changes have a very long history. 

None of us here at Mighty-CBD are historians. So we don’t know precisely when veganism first came about. But with a little bit of research, you can find out that the term dates all the way back to 1944. 

Way before that, Pythagoras and Buddha are said to have led plant-based lifestyles out of benevolent respect for their fellow-creatures so it certainly isn’t new.

As to where the phrase was coined – want to know the short story? Okay, since you asked so nicely…

In November 1944, a British woodworker called Donald Watson decided that there needed to be a name for vegetarians who chose not to eat dairy products or eggs. 

He called five of his fellow veggie-and-non-dairy-or-eggs mates round, (you can see why it needed its own name can’t you!) and these six pioneers birthed a movement by starting what is now known as The Vegan Society.

They cleverly came up with dissecting the word vegetarian to produce the word ‘Vegan’, after dismissing names such as ‘Dairyban’ and ‘Benevore’.  In his own words, Donald Watson said it marked “the beginning and end of vegetarian”.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of thought went into that phrase, and the essence of that is what runs through vegans today too. Everything vegans stand for is about conscious choice – doing everything after putting a decent amount of thought into it!

How Does CBD Oil Benefit Vegan Diets?

Veganism is on a steady increase – why are more people choosing to eliminate animal products from their lives?

There are many reasons, but you’ll usually find that they stem from personal health choices to moral and social choices. In terms of health benefits though, we are starting to see far more links between CBD Oil and how it can help people that decide to take on a vegan diet.  

When someone gives up eating meat and takes on a plant-based diet, one’s body tends to miss vital nutrients. 

One example is amino acids, a critical contributor to our body’s immune system and ecosystem. It has been found that CBD Oil can replace these nutritional deficiencies, as it contains all 20 of our essential amino acids! 

Cool right? 

Another win for the CBD oil gang is that the oil works so well in your body as a whole, you don’t need to take a variety of products for increased well-being. You can read more about that here. 

It helps with weight management, chronic pain relief, eases inflammation, helps brain function and well-being, epilepsy – we could be here a while as there is a multitude of medical conditions to add to this list!

But the point is, Vegans tend to live holistic lives, and you can’t get more holistic than tapping into the naturally occurring benefits of using CBD oil.

How Can You Include CBD Oil In A Vegan-Friendly Diet?

You’ll be pleased to know there are so many ways you can easily include CBD oil within your vegan lifestyle.

High-quality CBD products like our Mighty-CBD Oil have absolutely no additives or preservatives. We use premium vegan MCT carrier oil which is organically grown so is completely sustainable. 

It’s also non-GMO and pesticide-free so none of those pesky pesticides are endangering our internal ecosystem or that of the environment.

You don’t know HOW many products we had to work with to reach this result!

So now you know we’re ticking your conscientious boxes, how can you use CBD oil in your diet? It can easily be added to food or drinks and works best with foods that already have oil being used in them such as salad dressings, baking, smoothies…

  • How about treating your cashew nut salad to a helping of CBD-infused olive oil? 
  • Or add it to the mixture for your chocolate brownies?
  • Then wash it down with a slightly CBD-infused lemonade? 

It’s amazing how creative you can be with this stuff! One thing to note – keep the heat treatment minimal as overheating can reduce the efficacy of the benefits of CBD contained naturally in the oil.

Or you could just keep it simple and go for plain droplets on the roof of your mouth.

What Non-Vegan Friendly CBD Products Are There? 

As you’re currently on your product research journey, we’re glad you stumbled across our article.

We aim to please, so with that being said, there are a few CBD products that aren’t a fit for your diet. Here are some products that could potentially be non-vegan friendly; 

  • CBD Chocolate – can contain milk or eggs.
  • CBD Sweets and Gummies – CBD infused sweets can contain gelatine.
  • Capsules and Tablets – again, many contain animal products such as gelatine casing.
  • CBD Creams, Lotions, Oils, and Tinctures – may either contain animal ingredients or are tested on animals.

As many vegans are painfully aware, the cosmetic industry has always faced public scrutiny for its poor ethical practices concerning animals.

The CBD cosmetic business is booming right now, so that’s one area we advise you to take caution on. 

No Animal Testing On OUR Watch!

In our view, CBD oil now being declared safe for human consumption means there is no factual or moral reason why CBD oil needs animal testing. Many ethical tests are currently being carried out with no animals involved and we wholeheartedly support this!

Our cannabinoid receptors are lapping up the CBD oil as they work as a mighty tag team, making CBD oil a globally accepted nutrient – it’s even classed legally as a food supplement so it doesn’t need any testing on animals to make it safe. Maybe we should get off our soapbox here…

All premium quality CBD oil suppliers, like ourselves, will have third-party lab-tested reports and information available for you to check out – here’s ours.

It’s important to note that we recommend you do your research before you choose where to source your CBD oil.  FDA approval checks and websites like Leaping Bunny are a good start. 

With so many CBD products popping up every day, we know you want to be sure that whatever you buy matches your ethical and moral beliefs. 

In Summary, Mighty-CBD Oil Is For Vegans And Animal-Cruelty Free! 

So if you’re vegan and wanting to add that nutritional boost into your diet, our CBD oil could be the perfect fit for you. 

Whether you’re ingesting vegan CBD-infused products or applying them to your skin, you’ll find that its lasting benefits are helping millions. 

If you want to know more, check out our own vegan-friendly CBD oil here