Can I Use CBD Oil For Weight Loss?

Can I Use CBD Oil For Weight Loss?
21 March 2021 m1gh7y-C8D
cbd for weight loss

Yep, you heard, right! New research has surfaced to say that CBD hemp oil for weight loss is a real possibility, but don’t open up your snack cupboard just yet!  In this article, we’re going to dive in and explore precisely how modern CBD products can aid weight loss and weight gain.  

Can I Use CBD Oil For Weight Loss? 

We know what you’re thinking ‘Seriously, is there anything our little green friend can’t do?’

So far, the research into the Cannabis Plant has produced awe-inspiring results with all kinds of natural health benefits linking it to improved sleep, stress relief, and reduction in chronic pain & inflammation. 

Could CBD Oil be the magical all-in-one health supplement we’ve all been searching for? 

Let’s find out! 

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol or CBD oil is an ingredient of the marijuana plant. The difference, however, is that CBD oil doesn’t produce any psychoactive effects like its more infamous relative, Tetrahydrocannabinol THC.

The reason CBD can’t get you ‘high’ is usually misinformed. So let us clear it up for you!

The Cannabidiol (CBD) compound directly derives from the Hemp Plant, a cousin to the Marijuana plant*. The MAIN compound in the marijuana plant is THC – in plentiful supplies! There is such a tiny amount of THC in the hemp plant. It doesn’t hold any psychoactive properties, which means by itself, you don’t trip. It’s also why CBD Oil is legal in the UK as the THC levels it contains fall below the UK legal limits.

*Little plant cool fact – did you know that plants have families? Yup, CBD Oil is part of the Cannabis Plant family. We hear they’re the super chill cousin that tends to like the sun more than most! Sounds like the perfect relative to us! Find more about what is CBD?

How Does CBD Play A Role In Weight Loss?

Before we answer this question, we have to put on our sciencey caps. Got yours on? Great!

Enter The Endocannabinoid System…

This little guy, let’s call him EC, sits inside your brain, playing on his computer monitoring many of your bodily functions like emotions, appetite, movement, pain, sleep, coordination, and many more. 

CBD Oil is your EC systems’ good pal, and whenever this part of your brain becomes over-stimulated (like the drunk guy in the party), the cannabinoids in CBD oil take effect by bringing your bodily functions back into balance. 

So, how does this affect weight loss? The EC system plays a significant factor in your appetite and we all know what it’s like to have a big one of those! 

The CBD receptors in your body play a crucial role here too. They control the levels of your metabolism as well as your appetite. For instance, research has shown that people with a highly overactive ECS are most likely to suffer weight gain. 

When overstimulated, the ECS will shoot up your appetite and lower your metabolism. Not helpful at all! 

So what does this actually mean? In a nutshell, to try and maintain your body weight and a healthy appetite, keeping your ECS system at an average level is recommended – not too little and not too much. 

Yep – we know! That’s far easier said than done!

Your Appetite And CBD Oil 

The reality is, many of us have wayward food habits,  whether that’s for snacks, burgers, or perhaps one of our own favorites, Tangfastics (no we’re not sharing!).

Weed is renowned for giving you munchies, but how can the legal health supplement CBD Oil affect how much a person eats too? 

Still, got your sciency cap on?  Similar to the ECS system, there’s another part of your brain that holds a ton of CBD receptors. It’s called the hypothalamus, and just like the ECS, this place controls a lot of your bodily functions, mainly your appetite. 

Researchers found that rats with an excessive amount of endocannabinoids in the hypothalamus are more likely to experience weight gain.  An overstimulated CBD 1 receptor will essentially boost your appetite and is likely to plummet you back into snack valley. Oh no! 

CBD Oil to the rescue though, as it counteracts the crazy CBD1 receptor by acting as a responsible friend and telling your CBD receptors to chill out a bit. 

It’s important to note here that this can vary from person to person based on their ECS activity. This means if an underweight person takes CBD oil, it can have the opposite effect, thereby increasing their appetite. 

Very important info there, so we’re going to repeat it. The effects of CBD Oil vary from person to person but you have a pretty clear idea of how the CBD works in terms of appetite now.

Remember, it’s about balance, and CBD oil plays a significant role in keeping the body in equilibrium. 

CBD Oil And Your Metabolism 

A very popular CBD study back in 2016 was able to identify how CBD plays a vital role in how our body stores fats. 

Have you ever heard of the ‘Fat Browning’ process? Nope? Neither had we.

We found that it has nothing to do with the chocolate kind but more of the keeping you slim kind. 

The Fat Storing Process, Good & Bad 

The Fat Browning process works by turning bad fats into good ones. The bad being white fat cells, and the good being brown fat cells. White to Brown. Simple as that. 

So, having brown fats is a good thing. Why? 

They work by improving your body’s insulin sensitivity, which means you’re less likely to store the pudgy white stuff, resulting in a slimmer body. 

Hold your horses! That doesn’t mean we suggest you go and raid the biscuit aisle in Tesco. Taking CBD oil won’t make a massive difference if you’re not making the correct health choices.

CBD Increases Healthy Fat-Burning 

Fancy turning up the heat? CBD has been shown to help boost overall metabolism by increasing the number of mitochondria in your cells. 

Mitochondria acts as an energy supplier. They are giving us the energy we need to go about our day. 

If you have a higher amount of Mitochondria, you tend to burn off more energy and store less. In return, this creates a chain reaction, and the genes in your body that promote metabolism, begin to work more effectively. 

Can CBD Oil Stop You From Piling On The Pounds?

Let’s remember that this varies from person to person. CBD oil acts as the responsible father and puts your body back into balance when things get a little chaotic. 

So, if you are currently overweight, taking the correct dosage of CBD oil could reduce the chances of gaining further weight. It could also help to balance out your metabolism and appetite, which can have a pretty decent impact on how you eat, and how your body processes food on the whole.

On the other hand, if you’re underweight, CBD oil can spark your appetite and help your body store those good fats more efficiently too.

If yo-you dieting or erratic eating has been something you’ve struggled with, taking CBD oil could help to balance this out and remove some of that awful guesswork some people have in regards to how and when to eat.

But, total transparency here – we’re not allowed to go making wild claims and research is still underway! The reason you still haven’t seen CBD oil advertised on TV is that there is still a lot of research going on in the background.

It’s also the reason that CBD Oil is regulated as a Novel Food due to it still being so new to the mainstream market.

So far so good though, the results we’re seeing have been a blessing! CBD continues to blow researchers’ minds, and the positive effects associated with the supplement are growing in number. 

Is CBD Oil for Weight Loss is Safe And Legal?

In the UK, provided that CBD Oil has a THC level of under 0.3% it is perfectly legal to purchase from selected retailers with a CBD license like Mighty-CBD.

As with any health-related product, if you’re thinking of trying CBD for weight loss for the first time, or any of the many health benefits being linked to it,   we always recommend you consult your doctor or nutritionist before purchasing. 

It is safe for human consumption, and we can vouch for the quality of our CBD oil as it is lab tested for safety and quality compliance.  But a pesky side effect could potentially crop up if you’re already using any medication or have medical conditions which the CBD could impact on, so common sense would say have a quick chat with your medical peeps first.

Write And Reflect!

It’s always important to monitor yourself when introducing a new supplement into your life, especially if you’re taking it for a specific reason such as to lose weight.

We recommend to our customers spending 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening to write down how your day has gone. This eliminates guesswork, plus it can give you a clear record of any patterns across the weeks and months that you can reflect upon.

Good questions to consider are:

Are you in more or less pain than usual? 

Do any areas of your body feel any better or worse?

Are you more or less anxious? 

Do you feel more or less tired at all?

Many of our customers have felt amazing results, so exercises like this can be a regular voice of reason. If you take the time, to be honest, and truthful with yourself and allow the time needed for any health supplement to start to work, this can give you a really clear indicator of whether CBD is for you or not. 

To Summerize – CBD Oil For Weight Loss

We’ve got to be honest – we’re super happy with the research going into CBD oil and feel that the next few years will prove very enlightening. Remember though, keeping your body healthy is about having the right supplements combined with a healthy, active lifestyle. 

We would never say there’s a quick fix for anything, but CBD oil is definitely packing a mighty little punch. With so many reported benefits, why not explore what CBD can do for you? 

If you’d like to ask any questions concerning taking CBD oil for weight loss or starting to use it for the first time, get in touch here and our Mighty-CBD team will happily answer any of your questions.